How To Win On Online Roulette With The Most Advanced, Simple To Use And Configurable Roulette Tool

In this article I want to discuss a subject related to difference between roulette system and roulette tool.
I know you all look for a winning roulette system and here you are right but I want to tell you that don’t exists roulette systems capable to win in a long run. Another question is what meant a long run. Many of you will tell me that 10 000 spins represent a long run while the other will consider a session of 1000 000 spins a long run. I will call a long run a whole RNG Sequence which is more than 2 000 000 000 spins.
So does anybody have such roulette system capable to win in a long run?
I am sure not and is no reason to search for something like this because no one roulette system ever will be capable for this except RNG Disassembler but it is not a roulette system and it is more an investigation than a ready to use software.
While this article is about roulette systems and roulette tools then let focus only on these two things. So one roulette system represents a strategy and like I said before one roulette system is not capable to win in a long run. Anyway many players managed to win on roulette. I don’t want to say they always manage to win but at least they manage always to be in profit.
So how they do this?
I think then answer is they use roulette tools. So a roulette tool represents a piece of software capable to play any type of roulette systems based on an algorithm. On this market exist a lot of roulette tools and we have even one big provider of such tools. I talk about Money Maker Machine the biggest worldwide roulette tools provider. There you can find more than 21 products for several casino platforms. If you will choose the biggest package then you will be able to play any type of strategies. Believe me there is no roulette system which can’t be automated with these tools. Anyway let start with the most simple roulette tool from Money Maker Machine because about the most complete and advanced roulette solution we will talk in one of my next articles dedicated to the best, most effective and complete roulette solutions for any online roulette player. I don’t know but possible you heard about RBS – Red and Black Roulette Systems Studio which was designed to play strategies based on red and Black betting.
So how this roulette tool works?
It is very simple to use. You select the casino where you want to play also the strategy you want to play and the all other things are performed by the software. Simple to say this is a roulette robot capable to play everything you will set for it based on red and black betting. Many players asked me if it can be detected by the casinos. My answer is that it can be detected because it use a technology equivalent with the way play any usual roulette players. It is based on image recognition. It don’t use a special roulette system and beside this it offer more than 5000 different roulette systems so as you see there is no way to be detected. Beside this it will allow you to play even you own very unique roulette strategy. If you like to play in a fully automated mode then it will allow you to do this but if you want to play a partial manual and automatic mode then it also will allow you to do this.
Finally it can even play fully manual mode so all depend on you and the way you want to play. Another very useful feature of this product is Real Money Simulator. Usually many players buy roulette software and start to use it in 5 minutes after the purchase. Possible you suppose the results will receive this player. He will lose while testing the new purchased software. RBS don’t allow players losing this is why is very important before to play for real money and with a real money balance to use real money simulator so it will tell you if the roulette system you will use is profitable or not. In case it is profitable feel free to use it and win money otherwise please search for another roulette system.
This roulette software offer a lot of features and I am afraid this article is too small to discuss all them this is why I recommend you to go to Money Maker Machine.Com Official site and find out more about it. Simple search on for Money Maker Machine or for Red and Black Roulette Systems Studio and you will find it very easily. In the same time you can search for RBS on and see some videos about it.
I think you should look into it and believe me you will not be disappointed.
Company: Money Maker Machine
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Having worked in the Casinos for several years, and with previous experience in the technical field of balancing rotating masses, I found Roulette Particularly interesting.

I was fascinated by the game and determined to master it. This I did.

From dealing the game to standing floor on the game I can tell you that the game is really anything but random. The reason for this is because Humans are involved.

To begin with, My previous experience with the balancing of rotating masses, I knew that if the wheel were kept at the same speed, and I shot the ball with the same force, and I launched the ball in the same place in relation to the wheel, the same number should come up.

With much practice, I was able to prove this theory true. I continued to practice this skill every chance I had. When ever I had a dead game I was shooting the ball, practicing, testing myself.

Eventually, I became so skilled that I never lost. I always looked upon the game as a challenge. Six, seven, or eight people playing, betting that they could beat me. They never did. I always knew where the ball was going to land. after a while I realized that I did not need to have such control over where the ball landed. I just had to miss the big payoffs, and this would pay for the little ones I hit.

At this time I started looking at the wheel. I examined it. I discovered that yes, the people who designed the layout of the wheel did their best to lay out the numbers so that as you say one was as far as possible away from two and so on and so forth. Yes they did their best, but there were what I called 'holes' in the wheel.

For example, look at the several numbers surrounding 'zero'. Of the seven numbers surrounding 'zero', there are only two 'odd' numbers. Of the seven numbers surrounding 'zero', only two are red. The same is true of the 'double zero' side of the wheel. Of the seven numbers surrounding 'double zero' , only two are even and only two are black.

This gave me the idea to look at every bet made on the table to see where each bet lost. I ended up making myself a map that showed where each possible bet lost. Since I was already skilled at placing the ball where I wanted to on the wheel, this made the whole process very easy by giving me bigger targets.

After this little bit of homework, I soon became the best dealer (as far as the house was concerned) around. On a good day , I would hold 100% of the drop. On a fair day 50% to 70 % off the drop. On a bad day, I would hold 30% of the drop.

Once I actually broke the middle finger on my right hand dealing Roulette, and still ended holding 87% of the drop. I was snapping the ball, and in an effort to put even more power behind the ball, I also flicked my wrist, but, in so doing, I drove my middle finger into the rim of the wheel. I continued to deal, but a short time later did the same thing again. The following week I went to the Dr. to find out that I had in fact cracked the joint!!.

No, you cannot beat the game of Roulette, but you can beat the dealer. The Dealer is only human, and Being human he makes mistakes. He gets into habits, and these habits can be taken advantage of.

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