Should I Fight For It Or Not?

Over the last summer I started getting to know a guy at church with no ulterior motive, and we started talking more and spending more time together. After a while I realised that I wanted more from him than friendship but I was too scared to do anything about it. In october we were doing the washing (all sorts of interesting conversations happen over the kitchen sink) when he just came out with the fact that he loved could have coloured me confused!! We spent the next month or so talking everyday, texting non stop and doing things together most weeks, yet there was no progress made on the romance front. At the start of november I decided that enough was enough, and basically asked him what his intentions were, his reply was that he was interested but wouldn't do anything about it as the age gap between us was too big (18years). Since then we've alternated between only seeing each other at church or speaking on the phone several times a day. Everyone who meets us together for the first time asks how long we've been married, as we tend to react to each other in very "couply" ways.

Now all I need to do is decide whether to fight for the chance of a relationship with him, or put all my efforts into trying to move on. Just really really confused by it all (as are most of our friends!) :(
CaiA CaiA
May 5, 2012