Okay It Goes Like This


Its legal what I'm talking about, If a guy asked you out but was younger than yourself how would you feel?

This is difficult to explain :(

Right.  A woman 40 a guy 27 asks out for movie and lunch.
They been friends for over 4 years, confided a lot in each other.

aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh omg help!

Get the story please please help!!!!

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I think age is just a number, it's about life experiences

I am 28 years older than my partner and we have so much fun together, we have so much in common. We are perfect for each other.

I think it's commendable that you are confident enough to ask her out. If you feel a connection with her, go for it! I'm older myself and get asked out by young guys often.

Go for it! You might have a young personality! Anyway it doesn't seem to bother him does it? I'd do it!

My husband was 12 years my senior. It was the best relationship I'd ever had. Don't let the age thing bother you. Enjoy the time and what comes.

Our gap is larger and we have been together over 20 years. You are welcome to message me if you have ?'s about his side.

i think its fine as long as you feel comfortable with it!

yes i say omg i have a son 21 thats why I'm omg

You'll never know til you give it a chance.

But the age omgomgmgogmg