Younger Guys Get Jealous of Your Life

Younger guys start out loving all the things you have done or been through, then they start wanting to "live" because they think they have not.  I think I want someone my own age or a little older this time, maybe someone who can understand where I am coming from.

36-40, F
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Sounds like you were the more mature one in that instance...

Hello, my name is Joshua.<br />
I am 29 years old and recently parted ways with the love of my life. <br />
We where together for 7 great years. She will be turning 41 this year.<br />
I was never bothered by the age gap, I was actually super turned on by it!<br />
However she would always remind me that she could have been my babysitter.<br />
She didn't think she could hold my attention, she assumed that I was attracted to <br />
Women my age witch lead her to assume that I was cheating on her. That was most <br />
Certainly not the case. I was loyal as a golden retriever, madly in love.<br />
I think most men are indeed just "dudes" but what about the ones that do have there<br />
**** together?

So true Roxy !

I have realized that the older I get, I am looking for stability rather than, "oh he looks cute." Its a big difference when you connect mentally instead of just in the bed...

Maturity is a concept. As all concepts are based in memory, it's no more real than this.

Yes, that would be ideal. Sadly, there are not that many mature people out there.

It would seem that age is a proximate cause for the likelyhood of ignorance. Age is no more a the real cause than shoe size or hair color. One who faces themselves openly and honestly, now that would be worthy company.

My wife is about 10 years younger that I. As I get older, there is a stamina problem. So I just make sure she has 3 or 4 ******* before I enter her. If I can't make it now, she is sorry for me, but she is happy as hell. Don't get me wrong. I love sex. But there are lots of ways to have sex and intimasy without my penis when it doesn't want to come out to play. And that is fun for me also.

In my prime, they were the only ones that did not break from lack of Just got to remember from now on not to keep them...

You been in a relationship with a younger man?