“What part of “take things slow” don’t you understand?”

I”m feeling thoughtful, somewhat concerned about Patricia contradicting herself.

First of all, she had said she wasn’t the jealous type, but already she’s shown some signs of that.

Second, she had said she was mutual with me about taking things slow, but turns out she’s rushing me about things.

And also, she said she wasn’t the clingy type, but yet she seems to show signs of that, too.

We’ve been clicking okay so far, but if she continues to contradict herself, particularly with regards to taking things slow, I’m going to runaway.

Don’t rush me please.

Corri told me earlier that Patricia called early this morning. I guess somehow I unhooked my phone and didn’t hear it ring. I’m glad she didn’t wake me about that.

Yesterday Pat and I didn’t get to talk about my final decision about meeting today. I suppose that’s partly what she’s calling about.

Well, my answer is no, I won’t be meeting you today.

“I need you to give me some space, okay? No pressure, remember?”


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31-35, F
May 20, 2012