I'd Like to Believe In An Afterlife, But . . . .

I absolutely love the idea of an afterlife.  It's not even so much the idea of meeting lost friends and family . . . . it' mostly the fact that, if there is an afterlife, you can be sure there is SOMETHING MORE than just the periodic table of elements and sex to life.  That there is a PLAN, A MEANING to the universe.

Maybe even a higher, intelligent, and benevolent being?

Yet, I'm too logical.  See, this is what I say to myself:

If I close my eyes, I cannot see.

If I go to sleep, I stop thinking.

If I sit on my hand, I cannot feel.

If I plug my ears I cannot hear.

If I plug my nose I cannot smell.

If I roll up my tongue, I cannot taste.

When I die, I won't have a tongue, won't have a brain, won't have hands, won't have eyes, won't have ears, and won't have a nose.  So, really, why should I expect logically to be able to do any of these things after death?

I would love to be eternally happy . . . . but isn't his only the concern of conscious people?  A dead person certainly couldn't tell the difference.

Who's to say, then, that even a benevolent force would give us eternal life?  The dead don't yearn to live, only the living do.  Nor do they care about their past life of suffering.

So, I wonder:  Is there anything immaterial to me?  If not, does it really matter?

I'd like to believe yes to both.  But maybe that's only because I was brought up Christian.

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You are not the Physical or Mind. You are Soul an Eternal Unit Of Awareness. As Soul...you have the God Knowledge within you. If you believe it is your materal brain that is allowing you to Be...then what created the brain? The brain didn't create anything...as it was created as well. It is You that created it and is giving it life. The mind consist of four major energy fields...Physical, Emotional, Memory, Mental (Subconscious which is apart of the Mental). There are planes above them called the God Worlds. When you learn the art Soul Travel...you begin to Unfold and experience these different Sheaths of energy. First comes the light...then Sound. Each plan has a particular frequency level that is seen as a Field of Light and heard as Sound. Once you experience these higher frequencies, you inner senses will be activated. Now, your Dreams become as real as the Physical World. You Just haven't activated them with Spirit. I personally practice Soul Travel (not to be confused with Astral Projection). Through the use of certain Spiritual Exercises taught by Eckankar...I have become more AWARE OF MY INNER WORLDS then the physical or sensual outer world. If interested...check out Eckankar.org.

" As if OUR way is the ONLY way to perceive." Ha, I am glad that you are so open minded...DD

Your 'logic" is flawed. You say..."If I go to sleep, I stop thinking." That is not true. You can have lucid awareness while asleep. When ever you have an intence dream, such as flying, you become lucid and are thinking about whatever is happing.You can think while asleep.<br />
Your mind is dreaming while you are asleep even if you are not lucid. You may have trouble remembering your dreams but they were there.<br />
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I drowned when I was 12years old. I remember what happen on the otherside. I remember that I did not want to come back. <br />
Many beople have died and have come back.

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Check out the forum for this topic... I left an entry there.<br />
Cheers - Waiwera

I think it is natural to wonder about death. I agree with Celainn about living in the now moment. But I also know having just studied psychology that scientists have yet to discover exactly how or where consciousness is formed. They have not pinpointed an area of the brain that it seems to be connected to, or coming from. They also have not agreed on what it's function is. This may very well be our soul.<br />
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I do believe in life after death. I have had far too many experiences not to. I am not a christian. In fact I am nothing more than a human being. But I do know from experience that there is more to life than what we currently believe. Even science supports this; once matter is created, it cannot be destroyed although it can be transformed.