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Subscribe AddThis Feed Button Feb 27th, 2009 I DIED and went home before returning here

 I was living and working  in Japan and as usual dealing with the harsh winter. I caught a cold which progressed to pneumonia. I saw a local doctor who said I should be in hospital. I couldn't afford japan's medical treatment so asked my boss for time off so I could rest in bed. He refused, in fairness, he was short of teachers....the rest of the crew were trapped in Thailand after the Christmas Hols due to planes grounded by hurricane.
  well I got a lot worse, and one evening I could no longer breathe....I was TERRIFIED, and then suddenly, felt ok as I travelled at supersonic speed toward a small light like a star.  As I got closer it became larger and brighter....much brighter than any white light I have ever seen, and it didn't hurt my eyes !   I travelled very fast yet I felt comfortable. As I got closer I felt love getting stronger. When I arrived I was surrounded by people I knew, it was like arriving at a reunion where you want to say hi and hug everyone at once. I was so excited !   I was approached by a being dressed also in white, and I KNEW immediately it was Jesus. (I was not part of any church or even living righteously at the time). He completely surrounded me in a love so much more powerful than even a love of a mother for a child! I have never experienced this before or since...   HE told me I was literally worrying myself to death and that he knew why. HE told me it would be ok and would work itself out in a very short space of time. I thanked HIM and HE told me I had to go back....I said no I wanted to stay....He told me I still had a child to come and I had agreed to mother this special spirit. I sobbed uncontrollably because at 38, having had 9 attempts at having a baby, I had given up ever being a mother. Again I thanked HIM, and he said it was time. I asked if we could have a cuppa and hang out and chat....he smiled (He knows me!)   I was then back in my bed sitting upright AND BREATHING !   Within a day I could get out of bed, and a couple of weeks returned to work.   The issue I worried about was resolved within 3 weeks and I carried a child to term and gave birth to a son 14 months later.   When I read more about the Bible and Jesus and joined a church, I found that I not only believed in a loving God, I KNEW him and he KNEW and loved me, even with my imperfections !    I was moved by the fact that he also KNEW my problems and took time out from the bigger things in the world to help me. I have never allowed myself to ever feel small in this world since, because Jesus took time out for me !!!   I have since learned about how he died and atoned for all our sins so we would have the opportunity to return home to live with Heavenly Father. I  have learned that this atonement is for EVERYBODY regardless of your beliefs, even if you have forgotten God.   I have also found out that HIS love is unconditional and non judgemental.    I KNOW death is a beautiful journey home and that our friends and family are there when we return. I KNOW we lived there before we came to earth. We agreed to come here to grow by experiencing the opposite in all things...hot/cold/pleasure/pain/joy/grief/happiness/ saddness/health/sickness There is no negative emotion in Heavenly kingdom, we had to come here to experience them and grow.   I KNOW there is life after death on this earth. I know Jesus and My Heavenly Father love and care what happens to ME! !   I look forward to the time when my journey here is complete and I can go home.

c8lorraine c8lorraine
1 Response Mar 8, 2009

A wonderful experience indeed... :) It is such a privilege to feel blessed and loved and it is our birthright to be so...<br />
<br />
It is a blessing in growth to discover who we really are...<br />
<br />
To those who know it there is nothing to prove...and those who have forgotten have an exciting re-discovery of that exquisite joy beyond anything physically experienced ahead of them....<br />
<br />
Death is never an end.....only another sunset as has been many sunsets before...and bask again in the many sunrises that bath us in warmth and glow until we decide to leave this planet forever to bide in the light continuum....and in the end there is no end... :)