They, By Existence, Tell Us Of Other Options

When I first went in to university, I wanted to get a degree in Aboriginal Studies...and I can't deny that it was a fascinating program to study and learn more about. Of course, being Canadian, much of the content was the Aboriginal culture of my own country, but my absolute favourite class was World Indigenous Cultures. We studied the Inca, the Mayan, the Aborigines, so many different groups around the world, and it was absolutely fascinating.

A man by the name of Wade Davis, a fellow of National Geographic, travels around the world writing about the Indigenous cultures that he comes across, and he tells us that they, by existence, tell us of other options.  And he's right.  There is so much that we could learn from the Indigenous cultures around the world.  Alternate ways of living.  It amazes me the things that we think we know about science, but we haven't got a clue.  The knowledge passed down from the Indigenous ancestors could teach us things that math/science never could.  And yet, their knowledge isn't something we ever truly tap in to.  If you search for Wade Davis on the internet, there are some amazing video lectures that tell us about this. 

There is so much more that I could learn about the Indigenous cultures around the world, but truly, I would love to travel and experience it more than anything.  First stop...Macchu Pichu and the ancient Inca Civilization!
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That's fascinating! Don't give up on dreams!

I have Native American heritage, one of my greatest dreams is it to seek out. My mom was Apache. Her parents came to Alabama on the orphan train that took Geronimo to prison camp in Florida.

There is only so much one can learn in the classroom with these types of things. At some point, to truly understand people, any people, to immerse yourself in their culture is the only way to truly learn more about them. I can't get enough!

travel and experience....yes if that's truly what you want do it!!!!