French & British Vie For Native Lands North

It never ceases to amaze me re-guarding stories I've read or seen about these two Countries; Britain and France and how they split Natives interest and set one group amongst each other of the Region!Both of these Contemptuous Countries had Vied for Control of Lands They Never truly ever owned.

Fort Ticonderoga Ticonderoga, NY is a 543 acre Peninsula located on the southern part of Lake Champlain .
AKA: fort Carillon where several Battles occurred  between the British and French and which on July 8th 1758 close to 2000 British soldiers lost there lives within 48hrs of fighting, while attempting to capture this important Northern Passage to French Canada.
In 1759 the French lost the control of the Furthermost most Northern reaches of British & Pre American interest.
In 1777 the now Newly formed American Army fended off the British once again .


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nansixboys,thanks for the comment...<br />
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I hafta believe they Darn well knew what there were doin overall, but got mired into regional conflicts over something they never truely were entrusted with.<br />
I guess greed has a way of blurring ones visions... :)

I sometimes think those French and British and Colonials only had short sight.