First Northern Oppression By a European Power

Samuel de Champlain,French explorer.

 He began exploring North America in 1603, and five years later established the settlement that has since grown to become Quebec City.
 He was the first European explorer of portions of the Great Lakes, making journeys after which he published maps and accounts of what he saw or learned from natives.
He developed early relationships between French settlers and local Montagnais Innu, then Algonquin and Wendat (also known as Huron), natives, who convinced him to provide assistance in their conflicts with the Iroquois.

In 1609 he led an expedition up the Richelieu river and discovered a long, narrow lake situated between the Green Mountains of Vermont and the Adirondack Mountains of New York; this same year, he named the lake after himself as the first European to map and describe it.
He went on to lead the Algonquin native peoples to assault a group of Iroquois near present day Ticonderoga, NY

It is now a Celebrated 400th year anniversary of French explorer whom was instrumental in first setting One Nation of Natives,( Huron and Algonquin) against Another native Nation , (Iroquoian groups) to achieve French dominance in the New World Fur trade.

  Let us rejoice our heritage..... ;(

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he sounds more like a low-life opportunistic exploiter. but i should talk, it took me long enough to quit having relationships with that sort......