Death, Skulls and Bones Still Lying

 3 years earlier, A great Plague from the Dutch colonies of the Hudson Bay area spread through the Northern New World like wild fires. 

readily viewable by these early Visitors to Cape Cod in 1620

@ Sept 9 th a small group of people journey to the cape area and then attempted to head south towards Hudson bay by way of a contracted Sailing ship The called the Mayflower.

A great many pressing storms force little headway south and after grumblings and mutterings and almost falling into perilous shoals they turn away from their object of the Hudson Valley and Decided to forever change the makeup of the New world, they docked in Cape Cod Bay.

Some of the very first things they did, as a result of being poorly rationed for the winter, was to violate the stored stockpile of native supplies found and Native Grave sites in the area.

A Local Native ,(Squanto), still befriended them, feeling sorry for their plight, for almost 100 of the 150 people whom arrived soon died within the first 2 months.

In time,They learned from him his Chief leader.

These Pilgrims second act directly to Local Natives was in the form of a bribe. 

They attempted/ wanted to bestowed gratuity upon Them , to better bind them faster unto them. The chiefly leader  name was Massasoit.

They wanted  to get access to the inter country, see what strengths he had about him, how they lived and how to get to his home and find his place if need be..

Along the route to his Home a Distance of about forty Miles , the people not many, were wasted in the late great mortality,wherein thousands of them died. They being dead not able to bury one another: their skulls and bones were found in many places, still lying above the ground where their houses and dwellings had been.

I wonder:If Natives were still in force in 1620, would the Pilgrims had still been able to Hold on to their precarious foothold in the Eastern Coast of the New world



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Oct 5, 2009