How It Al Began


Where this all began.

A baby boy John, born in Vancouver 1979. To a young mother, Corrine, involved in known gang relations and drugs. Heroine and cocain were drugs of choice. Corrine’s mother, Little Johns Grandmother, was against Corrine’s choices in life and wanted what was best for her new grandson. In about 2 weeks John was to go and grow up with his Grand parents in a very small remote town in northern Alberta. The grand parents had other biological children of their own also. Andy, Lisa, Denise, one boy and 2 girls. Now remember, John is being legally adopted by his grand parents, so this means that his uncle Andy and his 2 aunts become his 3 older brother and sisters. Another catch to this is that the entire family had sat down together and felt that it would best suit Johns needs if they told him we are his real parent’s for now and that his mother is his sister.

This went on for about 12 years and the secret was under wraps from John. Even Corrine moved back to the small town in Alberta, was talking to John and the rest of her family and had sealed lips about being his mother, but it wouldn’t last and Corrine would start telling locals slowly about John really being her son and not really  his sister .

Like i said, the family secret lasted about 12 years. The locals learned to not like Corrine because of her drugs and behaviour, and because of the town having the full population of 606 people, the town started to reject  john. Teasing and chasing John down the streets while he rides his bike with a little dog named Rex always running with john from behind. This dog was amazing, where ever john would go and play in town, little dog Rex would follow. the one thing that kept john from always getting beat up by the town bully’s was his dog Rex. whenever a bully would start chasing him, or coming at him with anger, Rex would retaliate with his little sharp teeth and growling at the bully’s. Then it just made them call him names and put down his family and spit on john.

John was now an out cast and not because of his behaviour, but because when ever something bad was done by the town bully’s they would all point the finger at John. Now in Grade 2 and he is being called names in class and even the teachers and principle are torturing him. Bully’s in the school would do bad stuff and blame it on John. For this John got the strap more times than he can count, and never telling his parents to much for the fear of being teased more. This got so bad that when ever John would be traveling to local shops with his Biological grandparents he would duck down when he saw a local bully walking down the street or in a passing car.

Why the family secret lasted 12 years is because of teasing. remember Corrine started to let loose and tell the locals and it spread like a fire, but not to john. Not for 12 years, John was playing down the street when a small family was watching him playing outside their window, they decided to go outside and tease the known kid, and guess what they teased him with. The where laughing at him all at once saying you mothers not your real mother ha ha ha Corrine is your real mother. John said ya right and walks back down the street and into his home. John walked in and saw his family all in the house and decided to tell on the family making fun of him, more so because it made him wonder about what the family down the street said. John said, "the family on the end was making fun of me saying your not my real mother mom and that Corrine is." The room fell silent and eyes looked towards the floor from all that where there. Then I was sat at the kitchen table. so innocent and already way ahead on learning depression at this point because of all the teasing for years before that even ended with John getting kicked out of grade 2.
So there, at the kitchen table they decided to tell John about Corrine being his mother and not his sister. “John, Andy, Lisa and Denise are actually your uncle and aunts and we are your grandma and grandpa. but we are legally your mom and dad now“. “We did this to save you from the dangers of your mother Corrine“, Johns grandma said.

What I felt I still to this day being 31 I cant even tell you. What a blow, that’s all. Lots went through my head that very moment. Was I not wanted by Corrine? What I a bad person because they kept it a secret from me for so long? If they loved me, would they have kept this a secret at all?, and the list go’s on and on. This was the second tradgity of several to be in my life.

So now that it was mentioned, that this is the second problem that would twist my life forever. The first happened when I was around 6 years old,

( To Be Continued) 

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Dec 11, 2010