Ha i always have wondered how things go about the way they do? Like how birds were able to fly and how come some people looked so angry all the time. At least thats what I wondered about when I was litttle. Then growing up I would always bug my parents about why people got sick and some had no homes. Everytime I would ask my doctors when I was sick why I hurt when I do this and the only answer I would get was "If it hurts then dont do that anymore" Lol. Looking back I sure was a curious kid who never understood how to ask the right questions. And then whenever I did I would always be turned away or told to ask someone else. This has led to a sort of independence and a tendency to not ask for help becuase I was more than likely to not get any. However I did learn many things about nature, human tendencies and mannerisms and human anatomy. So I guess its a good thing I ask so many questions cuase if humans werent so damn curious we wouldnt be to where we are now.
pac5049 pac5049
22-25, M
Jan 23, 2012