Well I'm Awake Now

... So was waken up this morning by the screaming and yelling from my little sister and my stepmother (her actual mother) about something her friend has posted on fb ... At least that's what I can hear between the cursing and crying from my little sister, which culminated in her screaming, "I hate you! Why don't you just leave me alone!" ... ... ... and now i learn from my dad calling ... of which i felt that since i couldnt physically get in the middle of this argument without exacerbating things and putting myself in a situation I had no business being in ... i texted my dad the following " hello dad sorry to wake you but sounds like Sarah and Patty are having a very calm and civil argument about something sarahs friend posted on facebook" ... haha and now my dad just called and is talking to my stepmother and now i realize that the whole argument is about my stepmother being afraid sarah is becoming a lesbian ... lol ... sigh ... now i feel that i should get involved as this is extreme cause it would seem that she is being berated for something someone else is doing ... ok well i hate to to do it but it would seem i have no other choice now
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1 Response Jan 25, 2012

****sigh**** family, don't ya love 'em