MY Very Sepecial Brother

The day my Mom brought him home, this little bundle, my wee brother. Now I was to be big sister, take care of him, my older sister had no chance, he was mine to look after.

I loved him from the first time I saw him, all these years on and I love him even more. He is a fantastic Husband, been married to the same woman since he was seventeen year old, 35 years married next month has 2 great sons and 2 grandchildren,worked in Rolls Royce making airplane engines all his life.

When we were kids we had great times to-gether, hitched all over the UK and Europe to take part in live concerts, I lead him astray my Mon & Dad used to say, but that special bond we have is always there.

That's why I am so sad, my lovely brother Jim has been told the growth he has in Cancer. He has an appointment with the Consultant on Monday to discuss what treatment he has to go through. Why oh why Jim, life is so unfair, if he needed a kidney have one of mine, he only needs to ask. But then he knows that.

My feeling are so mixed up, ANGER,SADNESS,and most of all Love I love my wee brother and I will be there for him , we will go to battle to-gether and WILL win the WAR............................................................

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12 Responses Aug 20, 2009

Theredlady, thank you my brother and I both have faith that we get through this.

Jacobite, My prayers go out to you and your family.

thank you Whendolynn will keep you up to date

your are my inspiration and I love you to bits, your words comfort me I am so lucky you are there LOL :o)<br />
<br />
Famous words from Freddie (I know you love to sing)<br />
<br />

LV thank you for your support, monday he goes to see the consultant will keep you up dated

Salar1 ever strong and supportive- thank you

great story, thanks for sharing

Keep positive J ..... and make sure he do,s to .....

thank you IVP,Middlelifemadness and dear Frito, you kindness overwhelms me, I will let you know how things go.

So sorry to hear ... I will keep your brother in my prayers!!!<br />
Hugs to you

Jacobite...HUG HUG HUG.<br />
Your love for your brother shines through your words. This is a scary time for you but *deep breaths* let's wait for the doctor reports. It may be a most treatable form of cancer.<br />
In the meantime you and your brother are in my thoughts.<br />
Your friends on EP are here for you Jacobite! :)

IVF thank you just had to write something down, cant stop thinking about him. I appreciate your support.