And I Hope To Discover Them, As She Does...

I get quite turned on by my wife's desires. There's probably a clever word for this, but I don't know what it is!

I want her to be free to explore them, to follow to wherever they lead. Provided that at some points I can share in her journey - and she is a generous person so I am not worried there - I would prefer that she is free and growing rather than constrained by some strange sense of duty or guilt.

Marriage can be the greatest adventure.
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Hi ivo, thanks for your wishes, and Arctic too.

MissSass you made me wonder, could it have been like this earlier on? I don't think so. Isshe and I have learned so much about eachother over the last couple of years, compared to the previous 15 or so when we were madly having kids, studying etc. <br />
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lol and I think it's a bit early to claim success but so far, so good. xxx

You two have no idea how unbelievably envious I am that you have this kind of relationship!

and that is a very good sign :)

I love this man...<br />
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