Everyone Knows About Polygamy But Nobody Knows Polyandry

When a woman can marry multiple husbands. This is practiced in areas such as Tibet and Nepal. In these areas one woman would marry multiple men in the same family. This is a cultural thing, religious practice and sometimes a survival instinct. The reason it is done is because in these areas the number of women is small, they are more in demand and because in these poor countries, land is often barren or hard to cultivate. The marraige of one woman to several brothers prevents the splitting up of land upon gifted inheritance. Polyandry results in keeping families and land together.
I think it would be great to have more than one husband. WHOOOO HOOOOO! hehehehe
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Excellent comment erpeterasia, well thought out, people who ask us about our situation, think it's all about sex, and while it is involved, (and my wife is very sexual) it's more than that, her relationships make her what she is today, which is a very loving, compassionate, caring woman, whom I can spend the rest of my life with.

I have been watching the program Sister Wives about polygamy but i have wondered about polyandry of course too. The only thing with marrying brothers is the bloodline. If you are the mother of children of one brother and then the next brother, seems something like ******? Or healthwise opening the door for birth defects marrying to closely in a bloodline. I think it would be more interesting to marry different types of men to make your harem more diverse :0) What i like about Sister Wives is that each woman and her children have their own living space and privacy. The man shares a day each week with one of them at least and i'm sure more time depending on diff. situations. I like the way the women feel, as sisters, raising the children not only separately but together and having the friendships of the other women in the house. There is always a babysitter available so if you want a hot night out with your man you can have it lolololol .. <br />
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So in my mind the polyandry situation would play out similarly to the sister wives situation. Each man has a separate living space and if there are children they stay with him in his space. You all have shared mealtimes and family times but the wife has alone time also with each separate family. It is a whole different dynamic and one which is not a usual part of our culture but a very interesting idea to explore. i would like to watch a program like this and see how they interact and work different things out. . I can imagine that with multiple men, it has to be interesting and curious and fun. I also didn't know this was a practice in Tibet. Lean somethin new every day :).. cool ..

Polandry, what an interesting term, and why not? If there are cultures where men can have multiple wifes, why not women? What if both could have multiple wifes and husbands, like a Robert Heinlein novel? I've forgotten the term he used, if there is one. But it would truly "extend" a family and confuse the heck out of IRS auditors.

Hey, thanks for writing your thoughts on the subject. I think I'm going to start a thread here myself because there's so much to say about polyandry from the male point of view and the female point of view, including of course, jealousy.<br />
It's great that you point out the survival relevance of polyandry in some culture but in order for most of us here who are Westerners to see the potential benefits of polyandry we have to reason in terms of social and biological impact. [more to come]

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Since you seem to be interested in this topic, I would recommend that you read the post "Unconventional Relatonships" in the forum on Marriage and Life Partnerships on the website "Loveshack.Org". It is quite insightful and likely will give you a better understanding of the Polyandry situation.<br />
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I agree I think monogamy is boring and impossible,...its human nature to love more than one.i would love to have multiple husbands and for that matter some wives of my own..lol