My Experience

Many years ago my first wife and I got into swinging, she was reluctant at first as she was a virgin when we met but eventually she agreed to try it.

The first couple we met were somewhat experienced and the guy was very understanding about her reluctance and sweet talked her into going to bed with him, it must have been a revelation to her as after they had gone home she told me she wanted to meet many more couples as soon as possible so as to experience more men.

We swung for about a year, meeting maybe 7 or 8 couples in that time until one nght in bed she told me she would like to find a man on her own just to try it to see what it would be like.

The following Saturday night she got dressed up and went to a local club and told me she might be a little late coming home if she found someone she liked.

I stayed awake until around 3.00 am and finally went to bed, wondering what she was doing at that moment, just before 7.30 she arrived home and came straight to bed, I was very turned on by the thought that she had spent the night with another man and we had sex right away, she was a little loose and very wet.

After we had finished I asked her about the previous night, she told me that she had met a guy she really liked, he was about 10 years older than her and had given her the best sex of her life.

I was somewhat jealous hearing this but asked her about him anyway, I was told that he was divorced and had amazing stamina in bed, also that he was a little bigger than she was used to and had felt complete surrender in his arms and that she wanted to see him again.

I said that it would be Ok but the next time he should pick her up at our place so I could meet Paul, her new lover, she called him that afternoon and asked if he was available that evening, which he was, and she arranged for him to come over that evening.

When the doorbell rang I answered it and invited him in, he seemed to take over the room when he walked in and my wife jumped up from the couch to greet him, she put her arms around him and kissed him deeply.

I asked if he wanted anything to drink and when he asked for scotch I went to get one for all of us, returning to the living room they were entwined in each other's arms and he was caressing her breast while they kissed.

They broke off when  sat down and Paul said that we needed to talk, he asked me if I was Ok with him seeing her and I replied it was no problem, he could even stay the night if he wanted and I would sleep in the spare bedroom.

Soon after she asked him upstairs while I turned on the TV, curiosity got the better of me after a while though and I crept upstairs and listened in at the bedroom door, fortunatley it wasn't fully closed and I could hear everything.

He was inside her and she was groaning loudly, I heard the bedsprings begin to squeak faster and as he came I heard her say that she loved him.

Anyway, the upshot of this was that he moved in with us a few weeks later and for almost 3 years my wife had 2 husbands, she tried not to play favourites between us but I couldn't help but notice that the nights she wasn't feeling too good mostly were when it was my turn to asleep with her.

he eventually tired of the arrangement and met someone else and moved out, but this was my experience of polyandry.




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We had a few over the years and I found that I was basically in a subservient role while we were all in bed together, I'm a little ashamed to admit that I sometimes was used by them to arouse the other man and a few times was told to clean them orally, which i found I enjoyed once I got used to it, it was very arousing for me to taste her lovers juices.

This happened many years ago and we are now divorced, she was a little upset but soon found another man to live with us and he stayed for almost 5 years before he found another woman to live with.