Where Have All The Great Beasts Gone?

In prehistoric times, right up until the last Ice Age, North America teemed with an amazing variety of huge impressive mammals, including woolly mammoths, saber-toothed tigers, giant ground sloths, and many others... but sadly none of them are still around for us to see. What was the cause of their extinction, and why did these large creatures die out while many other smaller species managed to survive to the present day and are still with us? Scientists continue to debate the reasons, and they speculate that the major factor could have been climate change, other environmental changes, overhunting by early humans, or perhaps a combination of these.

Here is just a sample of the extinct mammalian megafauna that once roamed the continent:

Woolly mammoth

Glyptodon (Giant armadillo)

Giant ground sloth

Saber-toothed tiger

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3 Responses Sep 6, 2012

The Los Angeles Page Museum at the site of the La Brea tar pits is very interesting and shows a number of these fabulous creatures and tells of the way they passed from that area.

Sounds pretty cool... if I make it out there I would love to see it.

You'd really enjoy it. It has the the fabulous creatures, sabre tooth tigers, mastadons, etc that once inhabited that area. Their size is amazing.

Thanks... actually we can't be completely sure exactly why they died out... it may also have to do with climate change or other factors.

the pictures r beautiful ....and only human is blamed !