I Was A Census Taker: I almost took her down!

About 20 years ago, I was employed in the summer of 1990 to take census data in my county.

This was very important to the town leaders, because so many kids who came to college, lived and slept in our town, but still considered themselves residents of their parent's home. It meant the difference between thousands of federal dollars being pumped into the local community or not.

As a result, a number of us college grads were employed part-time to follow up and assure that every last person was reported accurately. My job was to follow-up and check the work of others that were employed to collect the data, but could not find the respondent or address.

One of my experiences was to visit a mobile home trailer that was parked adjacent to the local Highway 32 bar...named "Club 32".  The club had a  bad reputation is a rough, blue collar bar, and was on the side highway that ran up toward some mining towns.  It had been bi-passed by the new modern divided highway several years before.

As you might guess, there were a lot of kids toys strewn around that morning that I was out driving the rural roads. Most of the toys in front of this sagging mobile home were the Rubbermaid variety or little playschool style.

When I knocked on the door, a young lady came to the door in a nightgown. I kid you not. She was about 19 and had a toddler who was playing on the floor, and she had another baby who had just been put down for a nap. Her nightgown was little more than a silky slip with ample overflowing boobs that were barely contained and looked quite inviting. It was sort of a baby-doll halter top with long silly drape that hung down to her waist or a little below. I tried not to stare.

She invited me to come in, and a felt I would be risking my life if I did. How many times had we been warned about getting involved with the locals or given them any excuse to accuse us of impropriety? I suggested that we could sit outside on her porch, if she wasn't too cold doing that. She agreed, and offered me a cup of coffee. I passed, and when I sat on the porch swing, she sat next to me, a little too close for comfort. All sorts of images began to crowd my mind.

I turned to her to begin and noticed that she had nothing on but that damn nightgown and maybe some panties underneath, but I didn't dare look down. I locked eyes with her and launched into my first question.

She said she thought that her husband had taken care of all of this info when he did the form earlier in the year...and that she hoped she wasn't going to get him in any trouble by answering. I assured her this was just a routine follow-up to confirm the basic information was being taken down correctly. THEY were not at any risk. I was checking on OUR employee.

I continued with the questions and she answered, sometimes arching her back to stretch. Her boobs swelled and stretched at the size C cups making them into size D before my very eyes.
I swallowed hard and concentrated on the form. I had forgotten which question I had asked, and then skipped down one. She seemed completely unfazed by the fact she was sitting half naked on a porch with a fully clothed government employee dressed in shirt and tie.

As I got to the end of the form, she seemed to tire of the questions and again stretched, this time with one arm up over her head. I could see that she shaved under her arms and her nightgown pulled up to reveal a flash of yellow where her pantyline should be. I still didn't look down. I stared at my clipboard and checked off boxes.

Finally we finished, and we stood up. She again invited me to "come in for coffee or something else". Just for a second, my mind flashed on what "something else" might mean, but I immediately told her that I didn't drink coffee. She asked if I wanted something else, and I wasn't sure if she meant a drink, a bite to eat, or some sex. I turned to walk down the steps to my car and thanked her for her cooperation. I hoped my erection was being hid by my clipboard.

I waived goodbye as I slipped behind the wheel and adjusted my pent-up **** for comfort.
Cooperation, indeed. I was convinced that she knew exactly what she was doing and was watching me like a hawk for a reaction. I figured that's how she had gotten two kids already at age 19.

I just imagined how easy it would have been to have slipped into the house with her, slipped those spaghetti straps off her shoulders and released those large round breasts from their support. I imagined how easily we could slip into a ******* position on the couch or in her bedroom while the kid played in the next room. And then I imagined how easily I could be shot in the back by her husband returning home from the overnight shift at the mine.

I put the car into reverse and drove away. The last I saw  was her standing in the doorway with that silk baby-doll nightgown and waiving at me.

Now I knew what they were warning us about in those training sessions.
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Jan 16, 2013