My First Hoop Skirt

I was thirteen and had been wearing dresses for a little over two years. Of course I loved my dresses, all of them, especially the party dresses with the petticoats. One day after playing all day with Kathy my friend I went on home. There my mother was in my room hanging a new dress in my closet. It looked a little strange to me. The skirted portion was standing out but I didn't see a petticoat under it. I asked my mom how could the dress do that. She explained to me that it was a hoop skirted dress. She had me feel the the bottom of the dress and I felt the hard loop that was sewn inside the dress. I thought wow, that is really cool. here was a dress I could wear without the petticoat, WRONG!! I asked her if I could put it on but she said no, it was for a party I was going to go to of one of her friends daughters.
Every day coming up to the day of the party I saw it hanging there, beckoning me to put it on. I knew I dare not do it for my mom would get so mad. Still i got to see it. It was a pale yellow with little tiny flowers on it in pink and blue, it had a pilgrim collar trimmed ineyelet lace and two inch lace around the hem. It buttoned up the back with these little flower shaped pearl buttons.
Finally the day of the party arrived. I was all excited to be able to finally wear it. I had to take a bath and my mother fixed my permed hair, She picked out the curls making them fluff a little. I was given a pair of light yellow panties and a matching cami. No tights for this day. She took the dress off the hanger, unbuttoned the back and had me step into it having me place my arms through the short sleeves of the dress. She then buttoned it up then puffed the sleeves by adjusting them up my arms a little. Next came my anklets and maryjane shoes. It felt strange and wonderful all at the same time. It is hard to explain unless you have ever worn such a dress.
I am sure GIGGELETS probably modeled such dresses. My mom wanted me to wear a petticoat with it but I didn't want to. She told me it would be so much nicer but I stood my ground, I liked it as it was. I could feel the air circulating up under the dress. I later found out why you wear a petti under these dresses. My mom got dressed and we started to leave. First lesson on hoop dresses, they are NOT meant for cars. I tried to get in as usual but as I smooth the back of my dress the front would pop up when I hit the hoop in back. This exposed my panties to the world to see. My mom told me you need to raise the hoop first then sit. I did as I was instructed and finally got into the car. Along the way as I shifted in the seat my dress flip up a couple of times, I was glad no one could see me like that in the car. We arrived at the party and I found most of the girls also had on hoop dresses. This had to be a fad for little girl dresses. I was having fun running around and jumping about. I thought this was a wonderful dress. The girls mom brought out a cake
so we was supposed to sit at the picnic table. Lesson #2, you can't sit on a picnic table with a hoop dress on delicately. I sat down and was going to turn my legs under the table portion. As I turned my hoop caught the edge of the seat and my front flipped up covering my face and exposing my panties to the girls. Talk about embarrassing. One of the girls came over and helped me. I was told I had to raise the dress then step over the bench seat, then lower myself and the dress at the same time so as the hoop rested on the bench seat not under me. Getting up was a chore as well. I saw that the other girls had worn a petticoat with their dresses so they didn't expose themselves. The petti would still hang down even if the dress flipped up a little. I learned very quickly after that about the proper wearing of hoop dresses. Without the petticoat exposure was a sure thing thing. The girls thought it was funny and said boys just aren't smart enough to wear them. the rest of the party went without to much more exposure. On the way home I told my mom the next time I will wear the petticoat.
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i also grew up in that era. and i can vividly recall my mom buying me those hoop skirts, dresses, and the boned hoop slips that were made to be worn under them. and after reading the other comments here. i guess i was lucky to also have been diaper dependant since birth. otherwise, i might have become inhibited about anyone seeing my panties exposed, like you have mentioned. but, in my case, i outgrew at an early age, any of those inhibitions about revealing to everyone what i was wearing underneath my skirts and dresses. i don't know how i would have felt about revealling my pretty panties. but i think it might of been a bit more exciting to watch everyone's reactions to seeing your pretty panties showing, than how i recall everyone reacting to seeing my frilly rhumba style diaper covers. know what i mean?<br />
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i was almost 19 when my mom passed away, and stopped wearing the short hoop skirts and dresses. but, i remember wearing the longer hooped petticoats under some of my fancy "special occaision" dresses, throughout my previous lifestyle. how old were you, when you wore your hoop skirts the last time?<br />
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thanks, for bringing this up. brings back many years of fun and fond memories.<br />
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God Bless and keep you safe.<br />
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Thank you. I look forward to your story of having to model them, go to lunch and of course managing the manuevers in the toilet facilities.