What If I Did Not Tell My Boyfriend I Was Pregnant & Raised Baby Alone?

I look back a lot on the day that i found out i was pregnant  in 2000.  I was with my best friend and was terrified when the nurse told me i was pregnant. I wished so bad i was dreaming. In that  time i had seen some things about my boyfriend that kinda bothered me like his possessive behavior with me the jealousy and so on but i thought oh he just loves me SO much it hurts him to think of me with someone else...I could have just broken up with him and raised the baby on my own never talking to him again, not like we had mutual friends or lived in the same town. I probably would have stayed with my parents and kept my job  at the time and maybe found some one who would have really loved me. Instead I told him, got married and have lived a life of domestic abuse, tears, lies, heartache, and wishing what could have been..

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1 Response Feb 21, 2010

oh god.. this aint good :/. i feel sorry for you. please leave him - theres no need for the abuse ! <br />
it knocks me sick to be honest, imagine what the child feels like? & if your husband hits the child, then thats ill ! <br />
get away from him, while you can.