Things Not Working Out? Delete Your Relationship!

I thought I'd share something with you that was really frightening today. One of our interns came in and announced she was breaking up with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend texted her earlier in the morning with the news that the 2 year relationship was over.

As you might imagine, this young lady was very upset. She was crying. A few of us tried to console her. This went on for about an hour and we went back to work. By 2 p.m., I dropped by her desk and saw she was doing something on her iphone. "How are you doing," I asked.

"Better now," she replied. "I'm deleting all his text messages, emails and photos."

When she was finished, she walked to my desk and announced "There! He's out of my life." And it crossed my mind, in a few hours, she just deleted someone out of her life. Is that possible?

I got this in an email from a friend.

As I sat and pondered this I realized yes in fact I have deleted several people from my life and just recently. I'm dating and it seems like times have changed so much with all the text messaging cell phones and computers. Where the hell did our lives go? Many when asked about it say well you know life is just so busy now days! Bullshit! We are still human beings and should treat each other with more respect than that. In da old days we called that burning bridges. Have you burned any bridges lately? I have and to be frank I'm kinda sorry now that I did. Seems like we have gotten to the point of rather than work things out we just move on to the next cyber squeeze. That one didn't work delete it! As one gal I dated put it "they just kinda fade away if you quit calling" So when she wanted to off a guy she would just ignore him. What a crude asinine way to treat somebody. I personally am going to try to get back to being a bit more real like I know I am and hopefully it will come around again someday. Maybe instead of 50 text messages we can make a 5 minute call and handle it that way. Texting has become an epidemic in this country and it will eventually corrode the social network and we all will become cyber ******. Recently I was dating a gal that was texting constantly when I was with her and after a few twenty minute lulls in the conversation while she texted and I ask her if she didn't think that it was just a bit rude to do that. She agreed apologized and texted whoever she was texting and told them she needed to chill. Well they texted her back and it was on again. Now this gets better. I found out later she was texting her daughter who was in her room upstairs! Now how ******* ridiculous do we have to get to realize it? I'm currently getting ready to meet a gal I met online and have seemingly connected with. As time has gone on even tho she knows how I feel about it she has gotten to the point of not calling and texting. For a while we were chatting on the phone for a minute everyday. Just kinda sharing the day. Now she is really anxious to meet or so she says. OK now do I automatically take the text thing as the beginning of the end or is it just the way its done nowdays. By the way its a long distance thing she lives 2 hours away from me. I have to clean my phone almost daily or it gets full of texts from her. So it doesn't seem like there is a lack of interest. She also is raising her daughters kid and he is 2 so he takes alot of her attention. I don't really feel jealous of him but its like if he is there she cant speak on the phone at all. Now any time he goes to her other grandparents for the weekend she is on the phone all weekend. I'm just ******* confused and am about ready to shake it up and confront her with the whole thing. I have dropped several subtle hints but and she acknowledges them but it just goes right back to the way it was. So gang do I "Delete" her from my life and move on? Dating used to be fun :-(

magicwolf magicwolf
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1 Response Feb 24, 2010

I've been trying the online dating scene, on and off, for a couple of years. I've finally decided I'm too old/too old fashioned for this new online chat/text world. I like to speak on the phone. I like to hear a man's voice. The nuances of his speech share so much more than can be deciphered from a text message.

I don't know if you should "delete" anyone Magicwolf. My best bet has always been to follow my gut and have high expectations of how others will treat me. I am content to be single rather than accept the kind of relationship that isn't right for me. Good luck to you.