Is It Supernatural?

I love the supernatural! I watch a lot of the reality shows on TV. And I love to hear stories about others experiences. I have had a few and my husband has had some too. My first one was: I was working in the back of the lunch counter at a hospital washing lettuce. I heard my name called plain as day. I answered, "What" twice to no reply. I asked again a little louder after hearing my name called again to no reply. Agitated, I walk  up front to where everyone was and asked," who is calling me, what do u want?" They all looked at me bewildered and said no one had called me. I was a little freaked out, but wondered if it was my Mother. She died when I was 7 weeks old. I like to think it was.....

The second time was:
My Mother-in-laws family believed in birds coming around when someone died. At one family members funeral, a bird flew in the church and flew out over the casket while being carried out by ushers. She had several times she talked about birds and some of her relatives deaths. I did not  believe any of it as being anything supernatural until this happened.
My Mother-in-law died after fighting a short battle with lung cancer. We had just come back from her funeral and was in her house with a lot of other mourners. I walked into the game room and there it was a sparrow flying peacefully around the room. It was not like birds are when they r trapped. I called my husband and we looked at each other and smiled. My husband opened the door and the bird flew straight out just as peaceful. We said "Goodbye Mom"

My husbands stories:
While his Mother was in the hospital dying, he went to a place and was buying us breakfast to bring back to the hospital. He was ordering at the counter when an old homeless man and woman came in. They were smelly and quit dirty. The old man walk up beside Jeff and ordered his drink. As Jeff went to turn to make his way out, the old man dropped his drink on the floor right where Jeff was walking. Jeff stopped and the old man looked up at him and said, " Everything is gonna be alright Jeff". Jeff didn't say anything, he just left..... Jeff came back to the hospital and told us that was there. He was still  in shock......

My Jeff is a stressful kind of man. He finds things to worry about. We were having some marriage
 problems at the time. He had to travel out of town every week and he was driving on the same road as he did every week and saw this sign in the middle of the interstate. It was hand written saying: It's gonna be alright Jeff. He ignored it and when he was coming back home 2 days later, there was the same sign, but turned the way he was coming. He stopped and picked it up and brought it home for me to see.....weird.......

Do you have a story?

emilyjoan emilyjoan
51-55, F
Aug 13, 2010