I Wondered...

I wondered, do I have the plague? Then I got someone to grab my bubos, look at my bubos, and swab my bubos.

And then I got tested as per CDC guidelines.


  • If a culture isolated is lysed by specific bacteriophage.
  • If two serum specimens demonstrate a four fold anti-F1 antigen titer difference by agglutination testing.*
  • If a single serum specimen tested by agglutination has a titer of >1:128 and the patient has no known previous plague exposure or vaccination history.*
  • *Agglutination testing must be shown to be specific to Y. pestis F1 antigen by hemagglutination inhibition.


    Turns out that I don't have the plague, but instead am just not very good at retaining friends possibly because I am not sure I necessarily want them around in the first place. But it's all down to social skills. If the great psychopaths of the world can be charming, then I'm sure I can be too ;)
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    Did you just leer at my bubos?!?!?!?!

    ooh, nice!!!!

    hahahhaaha<br />
    <br />
    "touch my bubos and get the black death"

    ooh, another t-shirt nomination: "stop staring at my bubos!"

    Me too, I already caught a very nasty case of bloons of you. Now you're going to give me plague too?!!?!!?<br />
    <br />
    (I guess I won't be wondering whether or not I have it any longer :P)

    i hope not!

    ...that's not what you're sick with, is it? ....


    hahahahah<br />
    <br />
    four times was enough, huh!!!<br />
    <br />
    (also, looks like the EP wants you to keep your bubos under wraps!!!)

    oh for the love. that word was a synonym for dis-robed.

    i really don't want to be ******** and hosed down by a haz-mat team again.....i mean ever....

    hahaha<br />
    <br />
    how about "my bubos are oozing!" <br />
    <br />
    that's bound to stop the ignorami from staring at your chest, although you may attract a variety of medical people, public health officials and historical buffs...

    that's just screaming to be emblazoned on a t-shirt.

    lol, no, i'm proudly bubo free!

    Are your bubos oozing??? (And are you guys following each other around? Be careful Warmth, I think the bloon-poker might have the actual plague!)

    bubos really start losing their charm once they burst and ooze.

    A traumatic event is a marvelously efficient way of separating the short-term friends from the long-term ones. However, as you suggest, such an event also changes you, altering the qualities you find appealing in a friend. To some extent, the dropping away process is inevitable, and doesn't call for blame. But time has made me more social, not less. Each relationship brings the possibility of drama and nuisance, it's true, but it also brings the possibility feeling connected to like-minded souls - which is wonderful. Struggling alone just ain't no fun, feeling part of a "tribe" nourishes the soul. In some regards, the intimacy of EP is an illusion - have a 3-D person who needs the company over for tea. You never know.

    *checks your photo*... errr if you do have a p3nis growing out of your forehead, you're going to need to buy a sportscar to compensate? ;)

    yes yes! i must also say that i appreciate your reference to the plague vs. what i'd previously referred to it as ... i always asked if i had a p3nis growing out of my forehead or something terrible of the like. most often i said this while in public and people were gawking or whatever ...

    A-ha! The self-induced plague. Yes, well I concur. I have been painting Bubo's and pretending to have plague a fair bit myself - there is a time and place for drama, but no-one needs a persisting stream of it from outside people who always take and never give anything in return. And you're right - when we change, what is there to be done? We can bring some people along with us, but I think it is still never quite the same.

    sorry ... but i do need to comment on this as i too have some sort of 'plague' or so it seems. it's more that i have little need for many people in my life. the more people in your life, the more drama you have. i prefer a drama-free zone if at all possible. not to mention, i seem to attract the kind who create their own drama just for fun, to take up time or for whatever reason they attempt to justify. boredom perhaps? anyhow, due to the depression from the RSD i generally tend to have brief friendships and many a'time it has caused discord and from time to time has altogether ended long time friendships due to the differences in who i once was vs. who i am now ... *shrugs* what do ya do? we all 'evolve' and grow in our own ways sometimes taking different paths. with long time friendships, i often wonder if these different paths would have been discovered and travelled eventually without components such as depression ... i come to the conclusion they would ... surely they would?

    I'd keep commenting, but the last thing I want is for this to end up on the Stories Home Page because it has so many comments :P

    Do I even dare ask what the song blaring out from the Sezziy-Sezzu Cru speakers is??!?!? (I'm far too far away to hear it, thank goodness). And synchronised flashing!! Could look quite cool from a distance....

    The idea of a phalanx of green trenchcoat wearing and flashing, hula-hooping wannabe-Sezziy's is actually a margin more terrifying than just the original all by herself. But it's true, nothing can beat the original. Not even the water cannons, although they are making the whole thing a fair bit more disreputable.

    *notices that ornithologists everywhere are panicking at the increasing bird-free zone around the green flapping trenchcoat* *flees for safer territory* Just watch out for the influx of Sezziy wannabes!

    *flees from the display of Superior Flapping* Say... wonder what they're about to do with that water cannon???

    hahahahhahaha It's not indecent exposure, I'm just keeping the birds away!!!

    That's some form of flasher empowerment, isn't it?? *covers eyes*

    Only you would think that a naked bird was a girl without her flasher trenchcoat on. ;) YIKES!!! ;) :D

    Does this mean if I was featherless and thus naked that I would be less scary?? o.O :|