I Prefer Dresses For Sure.

If given a choice I would wear dresses all the time. There are so many styles. Tight fitting all the way to seriously flaired and filled out with mountains and mountains of petticoats. I like the fact that they will not slide or move around on your waist. I like the idea that they have shoulder straps most of the time to help keep them in place. I love the feeling of restriction when they are tight making it impossible to walk in anything but a lady like stride. I love the airey feel of a flaired skirt in a light summer breeze. The freedom of hose covered lege that are not trapped in the legs of some sort of pants.
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66-70, M
2 Responses Nov 26, 2012

I would never put pants on again except for working in the yard.

Thank you for the comment and the rate up. Have you read my newest story?

I agree 100%

Thanks for the vote of confidence. I just love dressing en fem and the femmer the better