How Does A Boy Act When He Likes A Girl? 5 Clues That He Likes You

It is not very difficulty for a girl to know that a guy like her as he would make is so obvious. He could do that intentionally to bring it to the notice of the girl or at the same time his behavior demonstrating that he like a girl could be purely unintentional. Below are some clues that would help you pick that the boy likes you without him really saying anything to you.


1.    First of all you would get to know that he is talking about you, from your fiend and the other common social circle that you would share with the guy. This is clearly that he is inquisitive and wants to be introduced to you. So he would use his social links to achieve that. He would ensure that at a party or any other social gathering where you are expected to go, he would be there .This would be with a clear intension of breaking ice with you. So if your fiends make a mention of any guy who is talking about you and is seen at a social event, don’t take it as a coincidence. This behavior clearly shows that the guy likes you.


2.    When you meet such a person who has an inclination towards you, you would notice that he even leans towards you while talking or listening to you. Notice his stance; he would probably stand to the right of you to stand taller making a macho statement. He would be at his best behavior and if you would observe closely there would be a difference in the level of courtesy and chivalry that he would have with others and that he would have with you.


3.    While talking to you he would have questions that usually are not a part of a small talk or a casual conversation. The boy might ask you about you status of being single, committed or married; he might want to know your sun sign to have a clue about the kind of person you are; he might ask questions pertaining to your family; he could have question about your nature of work you do for living; he might have questions back from your child hood and your growing years. All these questions simply talks about some one who wants to know you better. Only one some one likes the other only then such questions are asked. If you are asked such question, then it is sure that the guy likes you.


4.    You could also see his liking by noticing his body language. He would touch you very casually and innocently during the conversation. He would also like to stretch out to get close to you, may drop a napkin to bang heads at the dinner table. He could be expected to do any thing and every thing to get close and drop hints. 


5.   If he takes the conversational tread to what you like and tries to build a platform where in he could ask you out on a date, it is a clear indication that he really likes you and wants to spend more time with you.


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