How To Make A Boy Like You – 5 Tips To Play Hard To Get And Make Him Want You

Boys would be boys and girls would be girls, always remember boys and girls are from different planets. As said by John Gray’s book “Men are form Mars and Women are from Venus”. You might like a boy and would expect him o like to ask you out. That might not happen. To attract the boy you would do any thing as your heart is stuck on him, unfortunately your efforts go waste.


Leaving you in despair that may be you are not worth him or any such negative emotion. However, the little mistake that you did was that you though like a girl and did what ever YOU though would attract him. However, Adam and Eve don’t play that way. You need to have a through process of a boy while you thinking about the strategies around it.


Boys or men they are different in their nature. From the only nature of man hood they are goal oriented. Hence, it’s important for them to have a targeted goal and the desire to achieve it. If he would get something easily that doesn’t quench his male ego. The golden rule to get the guy you like is to make him want you. For that you don’t have to be around him all the time, be available when he reaches out to you, on the contrary you need play the came called “Hard to Get”.


This is just not another trial and error methods, it is actually playing with his psyche. As you become hard to get the interest level he has in you would suddenly rise and you are something that he is threatened of not been able to achieve. And he would reach out for you to prove to him self that he could get you. The best part of the play is that he him self doesn’t know about this game. The following tips would help


1.    Be Active or in other words be visible. Go to parties or other social places where you are visible and active. Be energetic and be very chirpy. Talk to every one and make your presence felt to every one. This should look very natural as the boy you like needs to think that you are there enjoying the party and he is just like any one else in the party. This would make a platform for you to attract his inquisitiveness.


2.    Be mysterious. When ever you meet him in a social party or otherwise. Don’t make and effort to get close, let him initiate it. Ensure at no point the mysteriousness is gone as if that happens the inquisitiveness and the interest he has in you would vanish.


3.    Be dressed to kill. This might sound like a cliché but this is indispensable. How you look contributes to 80% to the efforts you make for a guy to like or to get attracted to you.


4.   Carry yourself well. This would purely depend upon the confidence you have. Maintain yourself. A maintained body is any way confident. Have a great attitude. With welcoming smile and sparkling eyes.


5.   Certain things should be avoided completely. Like being over talkative. Be poised and to an extent a little quite that would add to the mysterious quality. Some other gestures like - chewing gum and talking; folded arms; biting nails or just looking at the floor could put of the guy that you like.


Keep the golden rule of “playing hard to get” in your mind and follow the above tips and the success rate would be 100%.


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