I could delete a group if no one had joined and I had a typo in the title. Is that no longer available? Does anyone know before i forward this to an admin?
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I would do that but My user name is still on the old one and it annoys me lol.

If it happens to me - I just create what I wanted, and unjoin the other, or write a different story for it.

Not sure. I do know that you can tell Arsineh (right if not one else has already joined) & she'll delete for you. I have done this, twice. Not because I had a typo, in both cases I found a related group & instead moved my stories there.

I just created a group with a typo, then had the option (on the left side of the screen, under "Founder:") to delete the group.<br />
<br />
There were no stories in the group yet.<br />
<br />
Out of curiosity, I made the group again, this time I added a story. When I went back to the Group page, the option to "delete group" was no longer visible below the Founder's name.

I think it changed mine because it entered one of them twice... on with 'm and one with am.... then I noticed it said in instead of on and it wouldn't let me delete. Oh well I look a little attention ho tonight lol.

admin usually responds to the stuff posted in 'i want to improve the experience project' group..

yep, I was trying not to have to ask there in case there was something I am just not seeing... LOL we all know they wouldn't take something as valuable as this away, well at least not on purpose. :)