I Wonder.

I joined EP back in 2008 or 2009. Can't remember. But I am a little bit of an old soul here. I remember what the old EP site was like. So much better and simpler. I felt it like a true support site. It really helped me in some times I was going through.

Eventually I left. Life had a calling for me outside of EP for some time. I felt sad to leave this place and the friends I had made here.

I have returned. To a site I can not recognize. I still like EP but the support site I remembered in the past is not the same site I came back to.

So, will I leave EP? It is a possibility. I am not sure I will be on here the rest of my life like I once thought when I first joined. But if I do decide to leave, I will never forget my EP friends. I will always remember the people I meet here.

I still remember the friends I had when I was here before and was lucky to still friend a couple. Like hlpflwthat, ChakaraSolipsismMGP, and my sis HedoZen. And I remember those that are no longer here, BlueGeorgia, Myephaunts, Carriewpd, etc.

And if I do end up leaving, I will not forget the friends I have made now.

How long will I be on EP? I don't know. But when I do when that time comes, I wont forget anyone here.
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2 Responses Sep 2, 2013

Travis & I are also oldies, back to 2008. We have enjoyed the site, from time to time. But there is the down side always to the "virtual" friendship. But we have always found the site, and place where we can help people with the keys learned in life, to find the ecstasy & bliss we have found, with the 5 sons & daughters in law. Our 1 blog shares the key of the 2 meal fast, that anyone can do, and see the Divine answers to any question or need, like soulmate the biggest. And see the Divine experiences, that prove God lives. We are all in a great battle & we need to support one another ( the pure love of Christ ). We are in most awesome days, this Autumn of 2013. Love, Mary & Travis

Yes! This place gives me the same "Pondering". I just saw this. (I) Didn't notice this earlier. I used this site for everything about me. I put everything I can express of myself here. Not on Facebook. I have been trying out Facebook some. But I can't make it work like this place can and has. Facebook is rather limited to who I am. Not much there though. It has been much in following my Family and my favorite Musician Jonn Serrie. I have been going to another Site a bit now. ProjectAvalon.net (Had to ask to join by Application and be Approved. That asking works by being invited. I would invite you there.) It goes into where I want to know about things. It even goes over my head. But it doesn't do much about sharing everything about (Me) and my personal issues there. Just Earth News like Issues. And being able to talk about them. My name over at ProjectAvalon.net is "ParakeetMGP" My Facebook Name is: Michael Price. I be glad to be your Eternal Friend if it can stay that way.