Yes There Are Many........

......but it may be there is a need for a little bit of definition about what exactly is meant. From looking at the internet etc. it seems there are those who pee in bed because they have a fetish or other non-physical need to do so and also those who admit (or sometimes brag about) doing it because they have drunk too much. There are also (probably) a lot of people who might have a wet bed very occasionally or who involuntarily urinate at night over a fairly short period because of a medical condition that is corrected pretty quickly.

And then there are those of us who are incontinent (which is a fair description of a condition) but are not "bed wetters" because we take adequate precautions.

If people were really honest most would probably be able to recall at least one or two times when they wet their bed - there would be reasons but just because it was understandable does not mean it didn't happen.

When I was young bed wetting was even more of a taboo subject than it is today. The clear up laundry was often very difficult for housewives to cope with and very heavy work. Today people have a lot less to worry about - especially if the bed is protected and a washer/dryer means the bedding taken off in the morning can be put back again the same night.

Maybe the question should be "How many adults let their bed wetting become a problem for themselves or other people
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2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

You’re correct on laundry, lacking a dryer and automatic washer washday was an all day job for my mother in the fifties. And without a spare set of bedding, when I peed the bed the following day became a washday. I’m convinced this was the reason mom diapered me at bedtime till dry.

I often wonder how many of those who say they pee the bed for fun actually do. I still am curious though I would love to know how many adult for one reason or another wet the bed. My urologist told me he sees many adults who regularly wet the bed. That's just in one town so multiply that by every town and you have a lot of wet beds.