Opps We Did It Again

for use the movie as Gold Finger all our group wanted to go tot he drive in that friday night to see the movie and we had talked about it all day it was suppose to be a sexie move the words and how they talked and what they did as the evening went on others in our group had went home and we were the last ofour group we were woken up about 3 am by the rent a cop and he started to read us the riote act and said he was going to call the cops on us then her mother as we both laughted atthat one it made him even madder and he did call the cops on us being out after curfew

the cop car drove up and he was laughing at the rent a cop as he walked up to us all he the police officer did was tell us to head for home as he explaned the facts of life to that rent a cop

that we were married to eachother and he really did not want to wake our mother up or our grandparents
rickibrat2 rickibrat2
61-65, M
May 6, 2012