Waiting Game

My wife is to be auctioned off as a sex slave to the highest bidder of the 100 men who have already paid 100 bucks each for their right to bid on December 7th. The auction is a fundraising effort to remodel a college frat house in dire need of repairs so with her being a honorary member she donated the idea as well as her services. They have already raised 10,000 dollars by selling the rights to bid on her to the first 100 men at 100 bucks a piece.Each of the 100 retaining a right to bid is members of the fraternity all black ages 24 to 60 years of age. The winning bid receives the service of a sex slave from noon on Friday until mid-nite the following Sunday a total of 60 hours. My wife gives me one wish for a birthday gift every year with my request given to her this past Saturday on my day is for her do without any sex so she will be ready,willing ,able and sex starved by the time it arrives. There was one exception agreed upon also which was I could eat her ***** up to 6 times between now and then being the only sex she could enjoy before the auction date. My wife is already a bit testy after going without for 4 days so a good licking is on the menu tonight I do beleive.
wifeslavetobbc wifeslavetobbc
1 Response Nov 28, 2012

Well, let me know how great it was. OMG what a fundraiser!!!

We will post details once we return late Sunday by Monday afternoon for sure.