I think a few women have projected their own fantasy on me, and that this has manifested as a temporary crush on me. But once they get to know me, sooner or later, they realize how awful I really am and that they can't really like me.
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I wounder who

I wounder

From the beginning women have always been attracted to confidense and a cheerful attitude. If you think yourself to be awful, you will be awful to all who look at you, hear your voice, and feel your energy. You will become a "mark" to users and fakes because you do not love yourself, the only cure is to BECOME the kind of man that YOU can respect and others male and female will follow suit.

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never say never

Aww, man. What a pessimistic attitude. Be a man and blame it on everyone else! They are just women, they didn't know what they were looking for from the start and don't know what they missed. <br />
<br />
Har har. The "world's stupidest jokes" maker strikes again. Sarcasrm gone wrong indeed...

Ure mean. We know what we want.u guys can't make up ur mind. U want a guy racked like ur profile pic but who cooks, cleans and give u perfect kids. How can she do all that and have a body like that? When does she have time to go to the gym?