Lonley Wonderer

First let me say I am new to EP. So far it seems like really good therapy for me. I can let out alot of things that are weighing my mind down. Like this topic.I am always wondering if ther are any men who find me attractive. I work in the service field, and my coworkers are all younger and more attractive. At 43yrs old I have lost some of my youthful looks, but I do not think I am a slouch either. People I hang out with think I am funny, and alot of fun to be around, So why aint I getting asked out? Why dont men flirt with me? Why dont they see me as girllfriend material... Oh yea, I have been asked out.. once.. by a man old enough to be my father... no thank you. I wonder do men have a crush on me but just wont approach me? Or am I just turning into an ugly old hag?
chrsredhead chrsredhead
41-45, F
Feb 21, 2011