I'd Say None But Two Guys Have Said They Liked Me Before...

Pretty sure they're the only two that have also. This isn't even me trying to be down on myself either. I just literally think they're the only two. Cause literally no other guys acknowledged my existence and it's still the same today.
Which explains why I've never really been in a relationship. I technically have been in two I guess. But I'm not even sure I want to consider them that. Mainly because one was based around sex not on his part on mine lol and then the other was an emotionally abusive relationship, so yeah..... Meh not so much.
I do wonder if there is or has been some guy who had a crush on me, or even a girl for that matter. But sadly I'm doubting for either of those possibilities. I was invisible in high school and even when I go places now, I will see people I'm attracted to but I never see anyone noticing me :(
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is there any reason why you wrote "they don't make me feel **** for who I am ?"

Small things in my past... people have made me feel ashamed. They don't

am i asking too many questions ? am I being too invasive ?


What do you admire about each of these special women ?

Admire? Hmm well the comfort level they have with themselves probably is one big thing. But they are all amazing, big hearts, fun to be around, easy to talk to, and they love me the way I love them. They don't make me feel like **** for who I am.

How any close meaningful female friends?

two or three, I got rid of a lot of the others, they were bad influences and were getting into ****** up **** that I wanted nothing to do with.

I would notice ;)

If you don't mind me asking ...do you have many female friends in the real world ?