There's Really Only One That Matters

It's a long story, but basically there's one girl who still haunts me, and I think it's just because I have no idea how she feels/felt about me.  I literally don't know if she hates me, pities me, likes me, or doesn't even remember I exist.  It's twice as sad because we've never spoken in person and probably never will.  I usually don't think about her, but every once in a while she pops up in a dream or a random thought and I'm left with the lingering pain of not knowing if we were ever supposed to mean something to each other, whether it was as enemies, friends, or lovers.

And before someone suggests I just go talk to her, I literally can't; we live in different states and we have no method of talking long distance (internet isn't an option--long story).
AllTheoryNoPractice AllTheoryNoPractice
22-25, M
Sep 11, 2012