I'm Confused

My co-worker and I have always gotten along just fine. But I recently found out through other sources (not him directly) that he's getting / is divorced.

About month & 1/2 ago he put himself on my radar. There was the paper on my keyboard. From the placement he had to be behind my desk and he totally bypassed my inbox which would have been closer. The Tuesday the staff had lunch together he sat next to me and the unconscious boxing and the rocking back and forth in his chair. The slippery eyeballs (he couldn't meet my eyes) and the sideways glances. The day he followed me into the kitchen to talk to me and when the boss came in something felt interrupted.

I took me awhile to realize what was going on. But now I'm confused.

We make eye contact. We sometimes talk nicely to each other. He'll tell me things about himself. Then the next time I see him, it's like I don't exist. He rushes past my desk, but tries to always say hello and I get the over-the-shoulder glance. We've had several conversations with our backs to each other. I don't know how many times that has happened. I know that at times I've kinda pissed him off without really knowing why.

I don't know if he's crushing or not. Or if he's just looking for someone to talk to. He kind of blows hot/cold.

He's definitely a cute boy. But he knows my marital status. Maybe he gratifies his ego thinking I like him. (Admittedly, it gratifies my ego as it's been a looooong time since any man's paid me that kind of attention.) And since he's nice, I don't mind.

I do mind that he gets a little pissy when I don't pay him attention. Seriously, I have issues of my own and can't always pat a man's ego. So, I'm am confused. What is going on with him?

(I people watch and like to read body language. And most of the signs of attraction are there...)

UnhappyinIndy UnhappyinIndy
Dec 5, 2012