Not Quite The Right Group For This

While this group is completely applicable to me, I actually know for sure about one...

Because he basically propositioned me.

Bear with me since I can't find exactly the right experience group for this.

At work we have a chat system. Admin always iterates that it's for business related conversations only, but I don't actually know anyone who only uses it that way. Anyhow, I have a friend and coworker that I chat with; I'll call him David. David is married, a fun, quirky guy that I've always gotten along with well. I never thought of him in a sexual way, not even while I was going through the separation and subsequent divorce with my husband.

For quite a while he's jokingly flirted with me, always laughing in person or adding a little smiley or "lol" if over chat. I've met his wife and they are so cute together... It was pretty much out of the blue when he told me one day that he "isn't always joking" when he flirts with me. He was so serious and even tried a few times to kiss me. I was a little flabbergasted to say the least.

Without a second thought, I confronted him about his marriage. I know him pretty well by now and I knew that he wouldn't be acting like that if all was well at home. I guess I know the signs, since I've gone through it so recently myself. He tried to keep it to himself, but I eventually inferred that his wife had been unfaithful. He confirmed and told me he didn't feel like he'd ever gotten over it. I encouraged him to share his feelings with his wife and informed him nicely that I would NOT do anything with him.

It was one of the moments in my life when I know for a fact I handled the situation properly. He later informed me that he talked to his wife about it and that they were doing better. He also thanked me for the way I handled it.

Someone accused me of having no moral scruples not too long ago. While I never once felt that was true, it still bothered me and nagged at me. So knowing that I was thrown into an unexpected situation and without any real time to formulate a proper reaction, I immediately made the moral decision and even helped someone in the process. Sort of feel vindicated I guess. Anyhow. He and I are still friends with no awkwardness now.

Hope you enjoyed my story, and again, sorry it's not quite the right category.
justarandomsomebody justarandomsomebody
26-30, F
Jan 8, 2013