Do You Have A Crush On Me ?

I LIKE YOU !!!!!!!!
Greeneyes21 Greeneyes21
46-50, F
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x :-)

I think I'm in lust with you.


I like to pet the kitty.
My lap is open.......

Can I lick ?

Catnip anyone?

OMG, YES ! :)

Here kitty kitty kitty....
Soft kitty warm kitty
Little ball of fur
Wet kitty tasty kitty
Listen to you purrrrrr

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I think I like you more and we haven't even met.

Love you ! :)

I like you back!

Thanks !

Hahaha you are a flirt!

Well like any dominant male cat I mate with any of the females in my territory...

That's sexy ! :) lol

Without seeing you,how could I have a crush,maybe a longing to see you

I think so also

So sweet !

now, we have been over this a thousand times. I like you, you like me......done deal.

Sure, sexy! :)

Glad we could discuss this and come to some sort of agreement.
the quote on my profile reads the following:
“Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.” ― Robert A. Heinlein

It very strange... I have a magnet on my refrigerator that says that !

not strange at all.
i think it is confirmation of the question you asked initially.
it must be a sign. lol

I think so! :)

wow, you r a fast gal. you hardly know me and you already have a reminder of me on your fridge. I like it!!!!

+ being on the fridge gives me a cooller appearance. who would have guessed....

I miss you

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I've given it some thought and, yes I do a crush on you. A big one!

Hmmm, I can't see you. Maybe... ;)

I wonder if you have a crush on me.

Did you read my profile? Your sexy

I just did. You seem pretty sexy, yourself. I'm 5'11" and 190lbs and I'm in Ontario. Upstate NY, you say?;)
I'm married but I can't help but flirt.

Hi Greeneyes

Hi !

; )


Let me put my arms around you and hold you tight crushing you against me and I will let you know. Although you may have figured it out for yourself by then.

Green-eyed cats are animals that guard the gates of serenity.

You do remind me of my kitty Silva...he was a sweetie. After that "Hottie" comment, I guess i am crushing on you...but I'm a man...flatter me and I'm yours :)

MEOW!!!!!!! no baby I'm yours first, and do not for get that.......

YAY! believe me, I wont soon forget a woman like you. pretty kitty...If ever... do you scratch or is that too much to ask for .;))))

O'h please scratch me in all the right places,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

How about in back of your cute little ears and on your tummy. I bet that would get your motor a kitten ;)

Mmmmm, down a little further my friend!

Wow, my kind of kitty ;) and a fancy feast if ever i saw one ;)

kbgloves1 Will you use your gloves on me,and make me purr????

I dont think I'll be able to take my hands off of you...We'd be purrfect me kb, or gloves, please....Meowwwwwwzer ;)

kb, tell me what I could do to make you purr?

For starters, you could rub up against me like a kitty Greeneyes, that should get my motor revving...and then, purrchance we could take it to the next step....

Sounds interesting.......

It sounds like heaven to me...Heaven is in your mind, and i love being on and in your mind but I'm thinking about getting into a place a bit south of heaven....if you dont mind :)

Oh, baby, that sounds so good, but go slow please.....

Very slowly. I want to get to know every bit of you, and you can get to know every bit of me, too. I'd like to start with your cute little ears and neck, and slowly work my way down. I could linger on your neck and ears for hours.....

That sound's sooo good! O'h baby, can you use your tongue! Please........

I'd love to lick you Greeneyes. I have a very talented tongue and when I'm with a woman as sexy as you, it seems to have a mind of it's own. I bet you;re finger licking good...but I'd like to lick so much more than just your fingers...Ears licking at you, kit ;)

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your cute!