Forever Single?

All of my friends have been asked out by someone (some of them have been asked out by more than one guy). I'm the only person I know who hasn't ever been asked out. No guy has shown any interest in me. I just wonder if I'm really that intimidating or if there's something wrong with me... Casually wondering, not that it's ruining my life or anything.
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3 Responses Jan 16, 2013

My best friend just told me that two guys have approached her and told her that they have a crush on me... and she hasn't mentioned it until now, and the two guys haven't said anything. In fact, neither one of them will start a conversation with me.

Why would you be forever single when you are only 16-17 yrs old. But ya I feel ya. I'm 17 don't have much friends, let alone a girlfriend........ I'm curious what you look like?

I was kidding about the forever single part. I'm just single for the next, oh, maybe 10-20 years. Which I don't mind at all, really.
I look pretty ordinary. I'm not beautiful or anything, but I've been told I'm not ugly.

Your still very young, you have your whole life a head of you!

Thanks! Plus, I don't really want to date right now anyways, there's college to think about.

you're right!!!

Keep your chin up !!!!