Disney World

Beofre my current bf. I went to disney world for a school trip and the guy I liked went too. He was hanging out with the preppy ppl who were ignoring him so I told him to come hang with us cuz they didn't give a damn about him. So he did. Well me and him wandered off away from our friends and the teachers cuz after all we didn't have to be by the adults. We ended up exploring a cave on one of the islands in the magic kingdom. We stayed in that cave for five hours straight. We flirted, goofed off, played hide and seek and for a brief moment we locked eyes and he leaned in to kiss me. My nerves caused me to turn away and he ended up kissing my cheek. I don't really remember what happend after. I don't know how we ended up back with the group. It all happend so fast. All I remember after that moment was how we looked at each other during the firework show. He's the joker type. But I really don't know if he was really trying to kiss me or was he just playing around. Often I think of him and think of how my life would've been if I had kissed him. Would we have started dating? Did he like me? And most importantly if things went different would I still have ended up with my current boyfriend? Deep down I still love him. Its weird how you can 'love' someone and not be dating them. But I wish I could find out what his motives were that night in that cave.
sillybitch44 sillybitch44
18-21, F
Feb 18, 2013