Men/Crush/Me- Please

I had one boy growing up who had a crush on me and I was in the first grade.  He was head over heels for me he kind of freaked me out at that age.  He come on way to strong for me he had to be next to me during class, lunch and then calling me at home.  I was way too young to even understand about the concept of boys, dating, or relationships.  Since him there has been no one else who has had a crush on me.  No guys have ever talked to me or even sat with me or did any gesture towards me saying that they liked me.  So I guess I do wonder how many boys might have liked me but were too scared to approach me and say hello. 

atttddiva atttddiva
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3 Responses Mar 6, 2009

Well thank you I have a boyfriend and I have been with him going on six years now. So I did found love I simply wrote this story just wondering I do not stress or worry about it.

ill have to agree with mary. never hurry up love it will happen one day.

Are you worrying about this for real,,,you just need to find that speical one who you feel totally connected to don,t be in a hurry it will find you,,,,I don,t think they are scared I think your aura is just allowing you to come to treams with what it really means to be with another,,,love and light mary