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This is my most favorite ep question.  How many people lie on EP??   There have been a number of articles I have read about the large percentage of people who lie on social networking sites.  I understand the major culprit to be computer literate teen age boys pretending to be someone else.  Hell they even wrote a country song about it.  I think that is why some of the newer sites are so popular because they are visual based and it is harder to scam someone, which is good.

I am old enough that my experiences speak for themselves and I have enough true stories I do not need to embelish.  I am never surprised by the number of sexual deviants around, so those stories are fairly easy to believe.  But it is kinda like the Penthouse letters magazine.  I will read some issues and then get bored because the stories all begin to sound far fetched and reapetative.  But I am sure SOME of them are true.

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1 Response Feb 13, 2010

I've wondered how much on EP is true ever since I joined. Being abit cycnical, I tend to think that alot, if not most of what is here is fiction. At least it is an interesting sample of creative writing.