I Do.

How much more can my heart take???

My dad raped my mum.
She got pregnant with me.
By the time she found out and wanted an abortion, it was too late, so I was born into a family that I wasn't wanted.

My dad started drinking heavily.
Mom was sleeping around.
I was dad's "wife' and punching bag.

Mom gets pregnant again.
She goes into labor 3 months early.
She looses the baby.

Dad attempted suicide.
Mom moved in with her mum. 
I took care of brother at age of 12 by myself. 

I fall in love for the first time. 
He beats me and rapes me
than he leaves me. 

I enter high school.
I am the fat girl
and the one who gets bullied.

Mom and dad move us from CT down to FL.
I make no friends. 
I find Ep. 

I attempt suicide.
I get grounded for attempting suicide.
I get depressed.

I graduate high school alone.
I loose six people within one year.
I start college.

I find love. 
I lose love. 
I get depressed.

I find a job. 
I hate my job.
I attempt suicide.

I start cutting again. 
I become depressed again
I exist. 

I find love on ep.
It goes great
than I lose it...again and again

How much more can my heart take?
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Jan 6, 2013