According To Ptman....

Not too often.  He told me "I KNOW SHE DOESN 'T SHOWER THAT OFTEN."  And that made me wonder....

Just how often DOES the PixLady shower???
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Kris maybe jealous that PT has a pair now.... Of course may just like you coming home like that anyway...

Will you make him give them back? I don't want to have to explain this to Kris.... I mean... coming home dressed commando....

LOL!!!!!!! Put Sara's panties down Ptman and why are you sniffing them? Naughty boy;-)

I'll come out just to get my panties back from you.

Pix, let her in and show her your massager, she might not come back out.

If she'll let me in to help her, I can give you a full report....

see Sara, stop telling lies. she does shower. OMG.

HI PIXIE!!!<br />
<br />
Need a hand in there???? I could join you in a second!

Ok, Ptman you are in serious trouble! hehehe!!!! ;-D I'm coming to get you as soon as I get out of the shower... LOL!!

Well, I would think so... but ptman says she hardly EVER showers....

And when she finally comes out... she has this grin on her face and such a happy, contented look.... hmmmmm

she is always in there, all i know is that she humms a lot. or it could be moaning. i don't know.

So you think that Pixie takes (ahem!) long showers by herself sometimes? With her detachable shower head?

I don't think so.... that's not what you said.....<br />
<br />
(read this as being said sing-song!)

I never said such a thing, in fact i said she showers every 30 minutes. lol

ptman says that Pixie doesn't shower very often....


Hurt ME? Why? YOU'RE the one who doesn't think she's a clean girl....

i'm in real trouble now ain't i? lol<br />
<br />
i know she showers at least three times a day. now i don't know that to be true. but i was told that. lol she is going to hurt you Sara. lol