All Day Long

I'm retired and edge my **** and play with my nipples all day long. Much of the time spent on EP reading stories that make my **** hard. The older I get the more horny I am although I would *** 6 times a day when i was in my thirties. ************ is a great healer and is healthy for mind, body and spirit. I used to do **** sucking and mutual ************ but there is no one to be found in these mountains I'm afraid. So, I'm more and more into ************ and am getting so i like to ********** even when driving and also when parked waiting for someone to shop. Any other EP men addicted also?
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66-70, M
4 Responses Jan 12, 2013

I J/O to gay sissy **** all the time!!!!

I used to ********** at lunch break from work and on the way home..I would pull off in a parking lot and jack off before getting home..I have always love ************..But unfortunately my antidepressant has robbed me of that wonderful pastime..I can barely get hard without Cialis and then i can't *** is so frustrating..........:(

I love the feel of my **** in my hand even if I don't get hard and do it every chance I get. I just like to squeeze it and pull on it and slap and rub the glans on my inner thigh. Every night I fall asleep playing with it!

you are a little crazy there is a lot more to life than just ************ all day long -and I CAN TELL YOU i am considered to be a heavy *********** at least once aday + sex with the wife on a daily basis