Things That Make Ya Go "hmmm"

i wonder how people that are far from deserving manage to get such great partners in their lives? i went to the funeral of a friend today that died after a nearly year long struggle with cancer. as i sat there, listening to the wonderful tributes to this lovely lady, looking at her children, parents and siblings with tears in their eyes and grief etched on their faces, i looked at her long time boyfriend. he too had tears in his eyes, but unlike the family and friends that did good by this wonderful woman, he didn't treat her as kindly. while she worked, took care of her family and was always there for her friends, he stayed home, enjoyed the fruits of her labor, had children with other women and slept with them, to name a few of his activities. now that she's gone, i wonder if his tears were truly out of sorrow or does he realize what a gem he had and will most likely not have another? even if he does find someone else, he won't get the love and devotion that my friend gave to him abundantly. i just wonder how a person can be lucky enough to have had such a fabulous person in their lives and not fully appreciate it or don't appreciate it until it's too late? and why others never even get close to experiencing all that my friend had to offer? doesn't quite seem fair to me.

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it's a mystery to me and probably always will be, but that's life i guess. thank you for your condolences :)

I have always said, actually I got it from my father.<br />
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If you can figure out why a certain female chooses (and I believe the woman always chooses) a particular male you could be a rich man. No one seems to have claimed the prize yet. You might as well ask, why did she get cancer and the ***** down the street didn't Sorry for your loss.

thank you. yeah i have to admit that it burns my *** greatly to see people who manage to get a gem like my friend, people who don't deserve one so good. i know life isn't fair but that is ridiculous.

i've often wondered too how some people get a mate that they clearly don't deserve. it baffles me to no end. i'm sorry about the loss of your friend.