After reading stories and chatting with people,, I wonder how we can even sit today? I and many others sure got our bottoms tanned as kids!
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The butt has a lot of fat and muscle compared to other bodyparts, and the nerves are not that close to the skin. So the butt can be conditioned to take tremendous punishment, especially over time. However, I wonder how much psychological harm is caused by well-meaning parents.

I think that depends on a number of factors--mainly the kid's attitude and that of the parents. If the kid is resentful, then it would harm her psychologically. Likewise, I've seen parents who delighted in spanking their kids for any trivial reason. I received plenty of spankings as a girl, not counting a good paddling from my principal in high school, and I have to say that I asked for every one of them because of my behavior. I don't think I'm especially "messed up" today because of this, because my Mom was fair in dealing out punishment and I took it all as part of growing up.

Both of my parents spanked me, but I feared my father's hand the most. There were several times he tanned my bottom to the point where I couldn't sit down for a day or so. Kids have it so easy nowadays!

Well I know there several I couldn't sit down. And I'm only 21 as a teen I used to get spankings like crazy. I was terrible. But I sure dis learn a lession.

I couldn't tell you. My dad only spanked me once but my stepsister and brothers caught it many more times than I did. Mom was the true disciplinarian - she spanked me enough times to make up for Daddy's reluctance to - I was his pet, his eldest and only daughter - he spoiled me rotten.

Very good question. Yes it was hard to sit back then. Parents back then new hoe to spank a naughty child compared to a lot of parents today.

Yes it was hard to sit especially on a hard surface after having the paddle "applied to my butt". But it kept me in line usually.

I can sit today but there were times it was hard to sit back then...but I deserved the spankings and the other punishments I got, and I tried to learn from them, even the ones I thought weren't necessary.

Looking back, I wonder too. But spanking just seemed to be a natural part of childhood and a sore bottom just another occurrence of ordinary life.

We survived because we had no idea there was any other way of growing up. As long as we could see that our friends were getting it too it was ok. Kids don't question what they think is normal.

Newman, good point! Getting spanked was normal for kids and even teens! Down South they are still paddling students who are eighteen years old and both parents and students seem to accept this as routine. I know I did. My last spanking from Mom was when I was just shy of twenty! And she spanked to hurt! She always said, "If a girl can still sit, she has not been spanked!" And she made sure we couldn't, for at least a couple of days. Back then it was considered good parenting.