I Once Tried To Do The Math

I got my first real spanking from my stepfather when I was ten years old. Between the ages of ten and thirteen I was spanked at least once every couple of months. It was sometimes more than that, especially in the beginning when I was learning my stepfather's rules and expectations. So that would be somewhere in the vicinity of three dozen spankings. (I was close to eleven when my stepfather married my mother.) When I was thirteen my stepfather started using the belt. By that time I had learned the ropes (painfully) and was getting spanked less often, but still got it three or four times a year. So that, at a conservative estimate, would be another dozen spankings until I reached the age of sixteen, when my stepfather retired the belt. (A date that should go down in history.)

Therefore, it is not unreasonable to conclude that as a kid I received somewhere around fifty spankings. Now, not all of these spankings were equally hard. Some of them were no more than a few good licks with the belt across the bare ***. But nevertheless I was really amazed at the number when I figured it out, because I never felt growing up that I was abused or that my childhood was significantly different from those of most of my friends.

But you are right. How the hell did we survive? Just thinking about all those spankings makes my butt tingle. Even now.
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They sure were painfull!

Full blistering bare bottomed spankings from Dad with the leather...one at 11...three at 12...two at 13....four at 14...two at 15..and two at 16....so that's 14,each unforgettable...then there is the 8 canings I got at school over this time ofcourse

No wonder you call yourself bottomrubber. Looking back, we all spent a fair amount of time rubbing our bottoms when I was a kid.

But first it was clasping handfuls of my bottom cheeks and squeezing as hard as possible to try and lessen the searing sting